Monday, August 26, 2013

Guess Who?

The "Guess Who? Dress Up Masks" pattern is now available for purchase in the Pattern Shop.  This is a quick and easy no-sew fabric craft pattern.

The masks are made using the super fun to use Phoomph™ fabric bonding sheets that I won a while back.  These sheets are self adhesive so there is no iron required.  You just trace, cut, peel, and stick.

The masks have adjustable elastic straps, so different kids can wear them.  This also makes them great for gift giving, since you don't have to size them just right for the recipient.

Use your imagination to combine fabrics to create your own look.  Let me tell you, it is really fun scouring the quilt shop for the perfect fabrics to make each mask.  :)

Did I mention that this is a great SCRAP BUSTER?

Have fun!